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Rights and Reproductions Policies

  1. Reproduction of DRT Library materials is permitted only from images supplied by the library .

  2. The image collections, like other collections in the DRT Library, are not lent or circulated outside the library.

  3. Requests for photographic or digital copies of library material are filled in the order in which they are received. Search requests must be specific as to the intended use of the photograph, as in a specified article, book, exhibit, presentation, electronic publication, or for research or personal use.

  4. Permission may be granted upon written request for one-time, non-exclusive use of photographs for
    publication, exhibition, or other purposes if the proposed use is specified and approved by the library. Any subsequent use of the same image requires separate application and permission. Reproduction rights are not granted in perpetuity.

  5. All proposed commercial use of photographs must be stated in advance. The library reserves the right to refuse permission for use or to revoke use in any instance in which a photograph is used for purposes other than that for which it was originally ordered.

  6. Restrictions have been placed on the use of some images by the donors of the material. To obtain copies of these Images, please provide the library with a written request specifying the intended use of the images and written approval by the donor for that use.

  7. The provision of photographs of some material in the library may be restricted if the physical nature of the material does not permit safe or reasonable handling and copying.

  8. The library cannot authorize nor handle copy photographing from known copyrighted materials within its collections without specific written authorization from the copyright holder.

  9. Copies of DRT Library images must be reproduced in their entirety; they may not be altered, cropped,
    overprinted, or enlarged beyond original size when published in any media without specific consent of the library. If details of an image are used, that must be stated clearly in accompanying caption or text. The library may require approval of proofs prior to publication.

  10. Photographic copies may not be captioned or used to illustrate something other than that identified by the library unless evidence is given to show that the library identification is incorrect. If a specifically identified photograph is used to illustrate a similar subject, it must be so stated clearly in the caption.

  11. Copies of images from the DRT Library in any media, including electronic, photographic, and photocopy, may not be deposited or placed on file in any other repository without specific consent of the DRT Library, and may not be supplied to commercial archives or publishers for resale.

  12. The fees charged for photographic prints from these holdings do not in any way constitute sale of the original images but are fees charged for obtaining copies only. The DRT Library retains all rights to the specific images in its collections.

  13. All color transparencies and all digital scans on compact discs are leased, rather than sold, and should be returned promptly after use and within 30 days; the person placing the order is responsible for their timely return.

  14. Proper credit to The Daughters of The Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo must be given with use of images from the library collections unless otherwise specified by the library. When specific collection or donor names, numbers, or artist's names and titles are provided by the library, these credits should also be given. Please cite The Daughters of The Republic of Texas Library (or DRT Library if fully named elsewhere) and the identifying names. As a courtesy to other researchers, please include catalog or image numbers if possible. Users who fail to credit the DRT Library may be denied further use of the collections.

  15. The person who orders photographs from these collections is responsible for providing verification that proper use of and credit for the photographs have been made as specified in the original request and for which permission for use was granted. As verification, please send the library a copy of the published work in which the image appears, if possible, or a copy of the image, caption, and citation as reproduced. For exhibitions, please provide a copy of the accompanying catalog or a photograph showing the image in place.

  16. All copying of photographs is done through the DRT Library and the photographic laboratories with which it contracts. No outside equipment is allowed in the library except by special permission, pre-arrangement, and specific appointment. When such arrangements are granted, a pre-paid set-up fee equal to or greater than the reproduction costs of usual services will be charged to cover the costs of additional staff time required.

  17. For original photography requiring other special arrangements or photographers, prices will reflect any increase in charges to the library. If special transportation arrangements are also necessary, additional library fees may be required.

  18. Please allow a minimum of three weeks for the processing of an order. While every effort is made to complete orders promptly, the library may charge a rush fee to meet a deadline.

  19. The person ordering photographs is responsible for paying for the costs involved in filling the order, including any applicable fees and sales tax. Please refer to the fee schedules for photograph production and use.

  20. DRT Library collection images on file in the Institute of Texan Cultures should be requested through the DRT Library, in accordance with these policies. Please supply a photocopy of the image, the identifying ITC number, and the description from the Institute files when ordering. DRT Library fee schedules apply.

  21. Internet use of DRT Library images must be approved by the DRT Library Committee. Websites using DRT Libtary images must contain a notice prohibiting downloading and unauthorized use of the images by third parties. Images may be reproduced at a resolution no higher than the equivalent of 72 dpi for a 4 x 5 inch image.

  22. The library reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to first publication of images in its collections; to limit the number of photographic copies; to limit the number of images from this library in any single publicatlon relative to the number of images from other sources; to deny mass reproduction of single items; to restrict the use or reproduction of rare or valuable material; to insure that reproductions are used and displayed appropriately; and to request removal of its images from websites at any time.

  23. The DRT Library is not responsible for any illegal or improper use of these materials. It is the obligation of the patron to obtain copyright permission for use.

  24. Any special conditions stated by the library on an individual order form and contract will supersede the terms and conditions stated in these policies.

  25. Persons or organizations not abiding by these policies may be denied further access to and use of materials in the DRT Library.

  26. The DRT Library reserves the right to alter and amend these policies at any time as needed without prior notice.



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