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Hours of Operation


P.O. Box 1401
San Antonio, TX 78295

Phone Unavailable

For inquiries, please email

Rights and Reproductions Fees

Photographic Production Price Schedule
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Black and white prints from negatives or prints on file:
8 x 10 or smaller $15.00
11 x 14 $35.00
Color prints from color film on file:
8 x 10 or smaller $25.00
11 x 14 $40.00
Digital prints in-house production
8 1/2 x 11
Black and white
Color (study or display prints, not for reproduction) $15.00
Digital Scans
Digital scans, per image, not provided by e-mail
(For lease only; to be returned to the library )
4 x 5 color duplicates of film on file
(For lease only; to be returned to the library within 3 months
or completion of use if earlier.
35 mm. slides from positive film or prints on file $10.00
Other prices on request including giclee prints and other orders requiring professional photography
Other charges:
Rush service when possible
add 100% of total charge for service under 1 week
Mailed first class unless other arrangements are prepaid: $ 5.00 standard, oversized shipment costs will vary.
Please allow a minimum of two weeks to fill orders; professional photography requires additional time.
All production payments must be received in advance of delivery of images.

Usage Fees
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Publication (all media) one-time use per image:
For-profit corporations, partnerships, private businesses:
Text use $ 50.00
Cover use $100.00
Non-profit corporations and government agencies:
Text use $ 25.00
Cover use $ 30.00
Advertising, non-commercial use only $100.00
Exhibition, one-time use per image:
Does not include publication rights or permission for other uses.
For-profit groups $ 50.00
Non-profit groups $ 25.00
Power-point and slide presentations by for-profit organizations:
Per image: $25.00
Re-use fees:
For same use: 1/2 fee quoted above
For new use: standard fee quoted above
Requests for waiver or reduction of fees should be addressed to the DRT Library Committee.

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