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Ernst F. Schuchard Papers




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Physical description: 8 document boxes, 5 oversize boxes, 2 negative boxes

Acquisition: Gift of Mrs. Dorothy Schuchard

Processed by: Warren Stricker, 1995



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Biographical Note


Ernst F. Schuchard was born in San Antonio October 22, 1893, son of Hermann and Mathilda Guenther Schuchard.  He was educated in San Antonio public schools and at Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, where he received a degree in mechanical engineering.


After serving in the army in World War I, Schuchard began work as an engineer for Pioneer Flour Mills, the business founded by his maternal grandfather, Carl Hilmar Guenther.  He later served as Secretary and President of the company.


In 1920, Schuchard began making scale drawings of the eighteenth century San Antonio missions, plotting their color designs from remnants of the decorative elements still to be found on the walls, and from evidence that appeared in old photographs.  He conducted detailed research of fresco paintings on missions and other buildings around the world, and analyzed the paints used.  A skilled artist, he completed an oil painting of Mission San José in 1927, showing his conception of the exterior fresco designs, and in 1932 and 1933 executed watercolor studies of San José and Concepción, including detailed studies of the patterns.  In 1949, with the approval of local Catholic Church authorities, he repainted a portion of the designs directly on the south wall of Mission San José.


Also in 1933, Schuchard began research and work on the reconstruction of the mill at Mission San José.  While excavation work was being done at the mission, remnants of the original mill were found, apparently dating from the same period as the mission church.  The San Antonio Conservation Society agreed to sponsor the mill's reconstruction, and the Colonial Dames of America donated funds for the mill building.  Pioneer Flour Mills, through its president, Erhard Guenther, provided the working parts of the mill.  Walls and housing were restored to their former state by Schuchard, who included reproductions of the early machinery, horizontal water-wheel, and grindstones.


Another of Schuchard's extensive historical research projects involved the publication of 100th Anniversary, Pioneer Flour Mills, San Antonio, Texas, 1851-1951.  In addition to the history of the milling company, Schuchard compiled facts and photographs related to the history of San Antonio, integrating them into a timeline that charted the growth of the company and the city.  The book became a popular and valuable resource, and received an award of merit from the American Association for State and Local History.


Ernst Schuchard was a member of Christ Episcopal Church, the Conopus Club, Order of the Alamo, State Association of Texas Pioneers, San Antonio Manufacturers' Association, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, and an honorary member of the San Antonio Conservation Society.  He died in San Antonio in 1972, survived by his second wife, and two daughters.


Scope and Content Note


Notebooks, scrapbooks, printed material, artwork, and photographs make up the Ernst F. Schuchard Papers, the material produced and gathered as part of research into San Antonio history.


The papers consist primarily of the organized results of research efforts, organized into notebooks, scrapbooks, and articles.  The most detailed work concerns San José y San Miguel de Aguayo Mission in San Antonio, its history and the restoration work of the mission church and its mill.  The appearance of the mission is documented by drawings, photographs, and written accounts.  The original decoration of the mission buildings is also the subject of detailed investigation.  A lesser amount of material is related to Nuestra Señora de la Purisima Concepción de Acuña Mission, and other San Antonio missions.


Another area of in-depth research concerns Pioneer Flour Mills of San Antonio, which is documented primarily through photographs, with a few original records.  The compilation of data into a published history of the company is included in this documentation.


Several related subjects, such as mills and milling, water, acequias and irrigation systems, and historic buildings, are also the subject of research material, usually compiled into scrapbooks and notebooks.


A number of published sources were used in researching these subjects, represented by periodicals, newspapers, and books and pamphlets, included with the papers.


An extensive photograph collection includes some personal photos in addition to those related to research projects.


The papers are organized by subject, with most printed material and photographs placed in separate series.  The 15 series are:


I. Correspondence and Subject files: notes, letters, and printed material on several miscellaneous subjects, including some files related to more detailed research material contained in other series.  Also included is information on Schuchard's grandfather, Carl Schuchard, and some personal items.


II. Old Buildings: consists of a single scrapbook containing photographs of buildings in San Antonio and vicinity, showing examples of early buildings, and clippings.


III. Acequias: a scrapbook on irrigation systems, particularly those established during San Antonio's early history.  Three artistic renderings by Schuchard of San Antonio acequia sites are also included.


IV. San José Mission: two scrapbooks containing a detailed photographic record of the mission's history, and material related to its restoration.


V. San José Mill: a notebook on the mill and its restoration, and articles written by Schuchard on the mill, illustrated by photographs and drawings, and with additional notes.


VI. Mission Frescoes: notebooks containing research material on frescoes at San José and Concepción missions, and their restoration.  Articles by Schuchard on the subject include illustrations and additional notes.


VII. Mills: two scrapbooks contain research material on mills in general, with some references to San Antonio mills.  A print of a Fredericksburg, Texas mill is also included.


VIII. Water: a scrapbook gathers a variety of information on water in Texas, including weather records and information on irrigation.  Some loose newspaper clippings on water and weather are also included.


IX. Pioneer Flour Mills: personal records related to the company are found here in the form of notebooks maintained by Adolph G. Beckmann, an officer with Pioneer Flour Mills, and by Ernst Schuchard.  Both contain an informal journal of activities at the mill, along with notes, photographs, clippings, and correspondence.  Schuchard's journal also includes a number of drawings and diagrams of the mill property and its components, along with some engineering data.  A scrapbook compiled about 1968 includes a number of photographs, primarily showing construction work in the San Antonio River channel, near the mill.  Some advertising-related prints and photographs, along with printed material are also in this series.


X. Pioneer Flour Mills 100th Anniversary book: Schuchard's work on the centennial history of the company includes notes, edited typescripts, and notebooks containing the layout of the text and illustrations.  The illustrations themselves are described in the Photographs series.


XI. Periodicals: professional and popular journals, most apparently retained for content related to Schuchard's research interests.  Divided between those related to mills and milling, and general subjects.


XII. Newspapers and Clippings: whole and partial copies of several German women's magazines, and a number of clippings related to fashion.  These were often used as a source of illustrations for the Pioneer Flour Mills centennial history, and for company promotional material.


XIII. Paintings: two framed watercolors by Schuchard, showing his conception of the church frescoes at San José Mission and Concepción Mission.  Each framed item is double sided, one side depicting a frontal view of the mission, the opposite side showing several details from the interior and exterior of each church.  An earlier oil painting depicts a scene at the San José church.


XIV. Books and Pamphlets: published material related to Schuchard's research and personal interests.  Particularly extensive are items on mills, milling, flour, and baking.  Also numerous are items related to art, artists, and art materials, and to Texas history and culture.  Many items, particularly those used in research projects, contain annotations by Schuchard.  Several publications related to Texas have been separated from the papers and individually cataloged.  These items are listed on separation sheets.


XV. Photographs: all photographic prints, stereographs, and negatives are listed in this series, other than those included with scrapbooks, notebooks, or manuscripts.  Prints are arranged by subject.  These include most of the items used to illustrate the Pioneer Flour Mills history, which are arranged according to the page of the book on which they appear.  A small number of prints in other formats, including stereographs and panoramic photographs are stored in different locations, noted in the inventory.  Negatives are also arranged by subject.  These are frequently associated with the prints included in scrapbooks and notebooks in the papers, and prints appearing in the photo files, or are of views similar to those prints.  Particularly extensive are negatives of mills, missions, Pioneer Flour Mills, and family gatherings.  Many negatives, particularly family photos, do not have prints associated with them.







I. Correspondence and Subject Files




Alamo Downs.  Notes regarding opening of Alamo Downs.




Kurt D. Beckmann.  Photograph and architectural plans for unidentified dwelling.




King William area.  Notes and typescripts.




Mills--General.  Correspondence, clipping, and postcards relating to mills throughout the U.S.




Mills--San Antonio.  Notes and typescripts on San Antonio mills.




Mission San José--Schuchard paintings, material on copyright and reproduction




Pioneer Flour Mills--Notes regarding history and construction, and miscellaneous correspondence




Schuchard, Carl--Correspondence, clippings, pamphlets, and notes on Carl Schuchard




Schuchard, Ernst--Miscellaneous notes and correspondence.




Schuchard, Ernst--100th Anniversary Medal Citation, Stevens Institute of Technology




Steves, Edward--Homestead--Miscellaneous notes and receipts relating to the Steves Homestead and its restoration, 1952-1953




Texas Grain and Feed Association--"Our Farm Program," speech given by W.R. Poage to the Texas Grain and Feed Association, April 17, 1964




Texas Historical and Landmarks Association--List of markers.




Texas Old Missions and Forts Restoration Association--Brochures and membership information




YWCA--History of the San Antonio YWCA.




Yturri-Edmunds House and Mill--Correspondence, notes, drawings relating to its restoration




Miscellaneous printed material








II. Old Buildings




"Old Buildings" scrapbook: photographs, clippings, and maps; buildings in San Antonio, Leon Springs, and Fredericksburg.




            See also XV. Photographs








III. Acequias




"Ditches" scrapbook: clippings, notations, maps, photographs.




Artwork: Pajalache ditch; Edmunds House ditch to mill; Alamo Madre ditch crossing on Fifth Street.  Ink-resist, by Ernst Schuchard, 1940.




            See also XV. Photographs








IV. San José Mission




"San José Mission" scrapbook: mission chronology and index of pictures; bibliography, and sequence by Erik K. Reed; photographs, dated 1852-1953




San José Mission scrapbook: clippings, excerpts, notes, primarily on restoration work.  Additional material on other missions.




            See also XV. Photographs








V. San José Mill




Article: Ernst Schuchard, "San José Mill," 1939.  Manuscript, typescript, 3 copies, attached letter.




"San José Mill" notebook: notes, typescripts, clippings, correspondence, photographs, drawings, diagrams.




Typescript: Ernst Schuchard. "The Old Mill at San José Mission," July 1936.  With notations, bibliography, photographs




Typescript: Ernst Schuchard. "The Old Mill at Mission San José." September 1936.  With notations, photographs, excerpt.




Pencil sketch: San José Mission, signed by H.C. Stiles.




            See also XV. Photographs








VI. Mission frescoes




"San José" notebook on fresco paintings: notations, excerpts, photographs, architectural plans, detailed fresco studies, field drawings, descriptive information, and correspondence




"Concepción" notebook on fresco paintings: photographs, field drawings, notes on frescoes, paint tests, architectural plans, clippings, correspondence, National Park Service inspection report on San José Mission




Typescript: Ernst F. Schuchard. "Fresco Paintings of the Missions." 2 copies.




Typescript: Ernst F. Schuchard. "Fresco Paintings of the Missions." San Antonio, 1935. 2 copies. Include photographs, drawings, printed material.




            See also XV. Photographs








VII. Mills




"Old Mills" scrapbook: Pamphlets, clippings, notes, photographs, reproductions, correspondence, typescripts.




Oliver Evans. The Young Mill-Wright and Miller's Guide. 6th edition, 1829.  Photocopy, with added notes, drawings, clippings, and pamphlets.




Print: "The Old Mill on Live Oak Creek, Fredericksburg, Texas," by Lloyd Harting.




            See also XV. Photographs








VIII. Water




"Water" notebook: Pamphlets, correspondence, notes, charts, clippings.




Clippings: water and weather.








IX. Pioneer Flour Mills




Journal: Adolph G. Beckmann, with added notes, diagrams, letters, printed material, photographs, concerning Pioneer Flour Mill operations, general information, 1912-1927.




Journal: Adolph G. Beckmann, loose items removed from journal.




Journal: Ernst F. Schuchard, with added notes, diagrams, printed material, photographs  concerning Pioneer Flour Mill operations, advertising, construction projects, 1920-1963




Journal: Ernst F. Schuchard, loose items removed from journal.




Photographs: album page, with photos of Trades Parade, 1903 flood, personal photos.




Scrapbook: photographs, printed material, April 1968.




Advertising and promotional material: photographs, pamphlets, drawings.




            See also XV. Photographs








X. Pioneer Flour Mills 100th anniversary book



Oversize 9/1

Typescript: [Introduction, Werner N. Beckmann. "Carl Hilmar Guenther and the Story of the Pioneer Flour Mills."]



Oversize 9/2

Notes: San Antonio businesses and institutions



Oversize 9/3

Chronology: manuscript, notes, and clippings.



Oversize 9/4

Chronology: typescript, notes, and clippings.



Oversize 9/5

Typescript: edited text with added notes



Oversize Box 9

Notebook: edited text, with illustrations



Oversize Box 9

Notebook: 1851-1870 section, layout



Oversize Box 9

Notebook: 1871-1889 section, layout



Oversize Box 9

Notebook: 1890-1909 section, layout



Oversize Box 9

Notebook: 1910-1929 section, layout



Oversize Box 9

Notebook: 1930-1945 section, layout



Oversize Box 9

Notebook: 1946-end section, layout




            See also XV. Photographs








XI. Periodicals




Mills and Milling




Allis Chalmers Milling Equipment, Bulletin 1265, June 1937.




American Miller, Vol. 63, No. 12, December 1935; Vol. 64, No. 3, March 1936; Vol. 68, No. 3, March 1940.




American Miller and Processor, Vol. 95, No. 7, July 1967.




The Bright Scrawl Magazine. Vol. 12, No. 6, March 1939. 4 copies.




Ciba Symposia, Vol. 8, No. 9, December 1946.




Food Facts, Vol. 9, No. 4, April 1940. 2 copies.




Ford Times, Vol. 57, No. 9, September 1964.




Lloyds of America, Vol. 10, No. 2, February 1935.




MIAG, No. 153 E, ; 155 E; 2089 E.




Die Mühle, April 7, 1960; June 2, 1960




The Northwestern Miller, Vol. 170, No. 1, April 13, 1932; Vol. 189, No. 5, February 17, 1937; Vol. 197, No. 7, March 8, 1939; Vol. 259, No. 10, March 11, 1958; Vol 274, No. 9, September 1967.




Occasional Letter, No. 248, February 1960; No. 255, November 1963.




The Southwestern Miller, Vol. 33, No. 9, July 6, 1954.




Yankee, Vol. 27, No. 5, May 1963; Vol. 27, No. 8, August 1963; Vol. 34, No. 1, January 1970; Vol. 35, No. 4, April 1971.










Arizona Highways, Vol. 37, No. 3, March 1961.




Daily Radio News, May-August 1938.




Naylor's Epic Century Magazine. Vol. 2, No. 4, January 1936. 2 copies.




The Old Print Shop Portfolio. Vol. 21, No. 5, January 1962; Vol. 21, No. 9, May 1962.




San Antonio. Vol. 1, No. 3, March 1959.




The Shamrock. Spring 1964.




Southern Living. Vol. 2, No. 10, December 1967.




Southwestern Historical Quarterly. Vol. 25, No. 2, October 1921.




Southwestern Historical Quarterly. Vol. 77, No. 1, July 1973.




Witte Quarterly. Vol 1, No. 3, 1963; Vol. 3, No. 2, 1965; Vol 7, No. 2, 1969.








XII. Newspapers and clippings



Oversize 10/1

Der Bazar, December 1, 1868 (incomplete); May 1, 1869; June 15, 1869; October 1, 1869; December 1, 1869; February 15, 1870; April 15, 1870; April 3, 1871; March 18, 1872; September 16, 1872; October 1, 1872; January 27, 1873; August 4, 1873; January 31, 1876; July 30, 1877; January 28, 1884 (incomplete)



Oversize 10/2

Illustrirte Frauen-Zeitung, February 2, 1890 (incomplete); March 1, 1891; November 1, 1904 (incomplete)



" "

Illustrirte Frauen-Zeitung, patterns, March 1,1891



Oversize 10/3

Die Modenwelt, January 1, 1892; March 11, 1894; April 15, 1894 (incomplete); June 10, 1894; August 12, 1894; October 14, 1894; November 1, 1894; November 11, 1894; January 13, 1895 (incomplete); February 10, 1895; April 1, 1895; May 1, 1904 (incomplete); January 1, 1909 (incomplete); May 15, 1910 (incomplete); 1912 (incomplete).



Oversize 10/4

Die Modenwelt, patterns, January 1, 1892; May 15, 1892; April 15, 1894; June 10, 1894; October 1, 1894; October 14, 1894;



Oversize 10/5

Die Modenwelt, prints, March 11, 1894; February 10, 1895; January 1, 1900.



" "

Unidentified print, 1884.



Oversize 10/6

German newspapers, fragments



Oversize 10/7

Clippings, 1920's-1930's



Oversize 10/8

Clippings, 1940's



Oversize 10/9

Clippings, 1950's, n.d.



Oversize 10/10

Mock-ups, 1907, 1914, 1925 with overlay; 3 undated; 2 items.




            See also separation sheets








XIII. Paintings



Oversize Box 11

San José y San Miguel de Aguayo Mission, by Ernst F. Schuchard, 1932.  Watercolor.  2 paintings: front view of mission; opposite, fresco details; in a single frame.



" "

Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción de Acuña Mission, by Ernst F. Schuchard, 1932.  Watercolor.  2 paintings: front view of mission; opposite, fresco details; in a single frame.



Art Coll-ection

San José y San Miguel de Aguayo Mission, by Ernst F. Schuchard, 1927.  Oil.  Unframed.








XIV. Books and Pamphlets




Art and artists



Oversize Box 12

Art Association of Montreal. A Catalogue of the Permanent Collections of Paintings, and of the Learmont Collection. 1921.




Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh. Catalogue, Twenty-Second Annual International Exhibition of Paintings. 1923.




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Mills, Milling, Wheat, Bread



Oversize Box 12

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Oversize box 13

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Oversize box 13

El Abrazo. 1968.




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Oversize box 13

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            See also separation sheets








XV. Photographs







Photo files

Alamo: 3 prints




Battle of Flowers Parade, 1936: 2 prints




Black Creek Pioneer Village: 5 prints, 3 postcards




Bosshardt Saloon: 1 print




Charros: 1 print




Clothing, Western (children's): 1 print




Ditches Notebook: 31 prints, 3 stereographs




Floods: 1 print (missing)




Girl: 1 print




House: 1 print




Indians, Plains: 2 stereographs




Military: 1 print








Koester's Mill, New Braunfels, ca. 1870: 1 stereograph




Manos and Metates: 1 print




Mission Concepción: 5 prints




Mission Espada: 1 print




Mission Fresco Paintings: 21 prints




Mission San José: 8 prints, 1 stereograph




Mission San José--Mill: 31 prints




Missions--Miscellaneous: 1 print, 5 postcards




Oil Wells: 1 stereograph




Old Buildings Scrapbook: 11 prints




Old Mills Notebook: 18 prints




Park: 1 print, 4 stereographs




Pioneer Flour Mills: 1 print




Pioneer Flour Mills--Construction, 1967: 4 prints




Pioneer Flour Mills--Employees: 3 prints




Pioneer Flour Mills--Equipment, plant, etc.: 3 prints




Pioneer Flour Mills--Floats, Trade Parade: 3 prints




Pioneer Flour Mills 100th Anniversary




Pages 1-10: 5 prints




Page 11: 5 prints




Page 12: 5 prints




Page 13: 7 prints




Page 14: 5 prints




Page 15: 2 prints




Page 16: 4 prints




Page 17: 8 prints




Page 18: 4 prints




Page 19: 6 prints




Page 20: 6 prints




Page 21: 4 prints




Page 22: 5 prints




Page 23: 10 prints




Page 24: 7 prints




Page 25: 1 print




Page 26: 7 prints




Page 27: 9 prints




Page 28: 5 prints




Page 29: 5 prints




Page 30: 6 prints




Page 31: 6 prints




Page 32: 3 prints




Page 33: 7 prints




Page 34: 8 prints




Page 35: 4 prints




Page 36: 4 prints




Page 37: 4 prints




Page 38: 7 prints




Page 39: 6 prints




Page 40: 3 prints




Page 41: 5 prints




Page 42: 6 prints




Page 43: 6 prints




Page 44: 6 prints




Page 45: 6 prints




Page 46: 4 prints




Page 47: 6 prints




Page 48: 6 prints




Page 49: 7 prints




Page 50: 4 prints




Page 51: 7 prints




Page 52: 6 prints




Page 53: 4 prints




Page 54: 5 prints




Page 55: 6 prints




Page 56: 3 prints




Page 57: 5 prints




Page 58: 4 prints




Page 59: 4 prints




Page 60: 5 prints




Page 61: 2 prints




Page 62: 3 prints




Page 63: 1 print




Page 64: 8 prints




Page 65: 3 prints




Page 66: 5 prints




Page 67: 4 prints




Page 68: 4 prints




Page 69: 5 prints




Page 70: 3 prints




Page 71: 4 prints




Page 72: 6 prints




Page 73: 5 prints




Page 74: 7 prints




Page 75: 5 prints




Page 76: 4 prints




Page 77: 6 prints




Page 78: 4 prints




Page 79: 5 prints




Page 80: 5 prints




Page 81: 3 prints




Page 82: 3 prints




Page 83: missing




Page 84: 3 prints




Page 85: 6 prints




Page 86: 3 prints




Page 87: 4 prints




Page 88: 2 prints




Page 91: 4 prints




Pages 92-93: 8 prints






Pioneer Flour Mills Scrapbook: 22 prints




Pioneer Flour Mills--Transportation: 6 prints




Ranch Subjects: 2 stereographs




San Antonio River: 7 prints




Schuchard, Carl--Illustrations: 16 prints, 11 negatives




Schuchard, Ernst: 1 print




Stereoptican views: 4 stereographs




Streets: 3 prints




Telephone: 1 print




Transportation: 6 prints, 1 stereograph




Wheat: 7 prints









Stereo- graphs

Alamo Plaza-Rough Riders: 4 stereographs




Alamo Plaza: 3 stereographs




Austin: Travis County Courthouse: 1 stereograph




Galveston: 2 stereographs




Mission Concepción: 1 stereograph




Mission San José: 11 stereographs




San Fernando Cathedral: 1 stereograph






Panoramic photographs



Panoramic photos

San Antonio, from the Pioneer Flour Mills elevator, 1934 April 21: 1 panoramic photo 10" x 72"






Negatives box 1




Alamo: 3 negatives.




Alamo Plaza: 2 negatives




Photo album pages: 2 negatives (folder #)




"Ditches" scrapbook: 20 negatives




Ditches and acequias, including houses and property located on ditches: 19 negatives




Family and trips




Hunting group: 4 negatives




Group photo: 1 negative




Group photos: 4 negatives




Two men, 1897: 1 negative




Gatherings: 4 negatives




E.R. Guenther: 7 negatives




Children: 1 negative




Schuchard family: 51 negatives




Hermann Schuchard residence: 9 negatives




Schuchard family (?): 9 negatives




Picnic gathering: 6 negatives




"Stevens and others": 73 negatives




Christmas 1916: 24 negatives




Trips, Hoboken, N.J.; Stevens 1917; Murdock's-Larsdown, Pa.: 94 negatives




Cedar Creek, July 1916: 39 negatives




Enchanted Mountain, 1915: 33 negatives




Family and trips




Colorado, 1914: 53 negatives




West Indies, 1925: 84 negatives




Government posts




Fort Sam Houston: 2 negatives




Arsenal: 1 negative




Military Plaza: 1 negative








Dining room: 2 negatives




Unidentified men: 1 negative




Clothing, Western: 1 negative




Telephone: 1 negative




Trades Parade, Pioneer Flour Mills float: 4 negatives




Longhorn: 1 negative




Branding irons: 1 negative




Ship: 1 negative




Mexican beggar, illustration: 1 negative




Cactus: 1 negative




Unidentified: 1 negative




Oil wells, Beaumont, Texas: 1 negative




"Old Buildings" scrapbook: 60 negatives




Old houses and early buildings: 11 negatives




"Old Mills" scrapbook: 29 negatives




Old mills: 6 negatives




Pioneer Flour Mills scrapbook: 32 negatives




Pioneer Flour Mills: 11 negatives




Pioneer Flour Mills: 105 negatives




Pioneer Flour Mills trucks: 4 negatives




San Antonio River at Pioneer Flour Mills: 6 negatives




River: 3 negatives




San Antonio River bridges: 3 negatives




Vehicles and horses: 14 negatives








Negatives Box 2




Photographs of prints




Aribaca: 1 negative




Mission Concepción: 7 negatives




"Concepción" Mission notebook: 2 negatives




Mission Espada: 2 negatives




Mission San José: 19 negatives




San José Mission scrapbook: 11 negatives, 2 slides




"San José Mill" notebook: 25 negatives




Mission San Juan: 1 negative




Mission frescoes: 31 negatives




Mission, unidentified: 1 negative




Mission Concepción: 3 glass plate negatives




San José Mission: 1 glass plate negative




Aqueducts: 4 glass plate negatives




Miscellaneous: 5 glass plate negatives






Separated items: books and pamphlets


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Separated items: newspapers


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Special issue on the renovation and dedication of the old Gillespie County Courthouse.